I’ll be Happy When…

I’ll be Happy When…

Media & Events

March 2018


Sydney Design Festival 2018 invited Ken and a panel of leading creatives to discuss design, creativity and the age-old question; how do you know when your work is ready for the public?

Hosted by DesignByThem at their beautiful showroom, his award-winning fellow panellists were industrial designer Tom Fereday and the talented interior design partnership of Rachel Luchetti and Stuart Krelle, who all shared their unique career insights and interpretations of “I’ll Be Happy When …”

<p>Art Car by Ken Done, 1989.</p>

Art Car by Ken Done, 1989.

Ken regaled the audience with tales of some of his greatest design successes, such as the restaurant interior of the Powerhouse Museum and being commissioned to paint a BMW Art Car. He also discussed some of his less glamorous moments and how they pushed him to continue pursuing design and art.

<p>The Powerhouse Garden Restaurant in 1994, designed by Ken Done.</p>

The Powerhouse Garden Restaurant in 1994, designed by Ken Done.

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