Stockroom Selection

The Stockroom Selection is a collection of works held by The Ken Done Gallery, and currently available for sale.

If you are interested in a particular work or would like further information, please contact us at the gallery +61 2 8274 4599, or email

Harbour night

Harbour night, 2015

Hot, hot day January

Hot, hot day January, 2019

Judy swimming after the storm

Judy swimming after the storm, 2009

Window 2

Window 2, 1997

Magenta coral

Magenta coral, 2002

See 2

See 2, 2017

Cadmium orange studio

Cadmium orange studio, 2012

Nude with cerulean flowers (reworked)

Nude with cerulean flowers (reworked), 2005 - 2012

Green sea and Opera House

Green sea and Opera House, 2018

Jewel reef

Jewel reef, 2016

Sydney green cloud

Sydney green cloud, Dec, 1999

Gazebo and garden 1

Gazebo and garden 1, 1997

Under the sea Toberua

Under the sea Toberua, 1991

Chinamans Beach

Chinamans Beach, 2012

A girly stripe

A girly stripe, 2009

Studio, Jan

Studio, Jan, 2007

Daffodils II

Daffodils II, 2004

Beach and sea grass I

Beach and sea grass I, 2000

Hibiscus II

Hibiscus II, 2002

Beach after Derain

Beach after Derain, 2003

Grey reef dreaming

Grey reef dreaming, 2001

Night sky, green sea

Night sky, green sea, 2017

Pink Opera

Pink Opera, 2015

Mauve sea and orange trees

Mauve sea and orange trees, 2010