Stockroom Selection

The Stockroom Selection is a collection of works held by The Ken Done Gallery, and currently available for sale.

If you are interested in a particular work or would like further information, please contact us at the gallery +61 2 8274 4599, or email

Lavender coral II

Lavender coral II, 2014

Beach summer I

Beach summer I, 2002

Two vases of flowers

Two vases of flowers, 2008


Race, 2016

Turquiose sea

Turquiose sea, 2014

Still life with green cup

Still life with green cup, 2002

16 views of Chinamans Beach

16 views of Chinamans Beach, 2007

Late ferry

Late ferry, 2013

Some flowers for the fruit bowl

Some flowers for the fruit bowl, 2013

Cabin garden III

Cabin garden III, 2012

Life drawing class

Life drawing class, 2009

Red striped vase

Red striped vase, 2003

Resting Toberua

Resting Toberua, 1990

Cadmium orange coral head

Cadmium orange coral head, 2014

Balmoral 2

Balmoral 2, 2015

Coral garden

Coral garden, 2013

Jewel reef

Jewel reef, 2016

Summer storm

Summer storm, 2015

Sydney morning

Sydney morning, 2016

Sydney Harbour, jade green sea 1/16

Sydney Harbour, jade green sea 1/16, 2016


Beach, 2004

Pineapple still life

Pineapple still life, 2015

Blue ice II

Blue ice II, 2016

Gone swimming

Gone swimming, 2013

Upstairs in the Cabin

Upstairs in the Cabin, 1981

Green door Morocco

Green door Morocco, 1999

Southerly buster

Southerly buster, 2015

Balmoral 6

Balmoral 6, 2015

Sunday morning flowers Dec 3

Sunday morning flowers Dec 3, 1989

Postcard from Sydney, wish you were here

Postcard from Sydney, wish you were here, 2015

Playing in the garden

Playing in the garden, 2010

Swimming in Jellyfish Lake

Swimming in Jellyfish Lake, 2013

Beach people January I

Beach people January I, 1999

Sunday morning

Sunday morning, 2009

All sorts I

All sorts I, 2015

After lunch

After lunch, 1984

Looking out the kitchen door on a Bonnard afternoon

Looking out the kitchen door on a Bonnard afternoon, 2007