Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha

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September 2016


Seven creative leaders. Seven minutes each.

Ken took to the stage alongside six other exceptional minds - including graphic, digital and motion designers and other iconic visual visionaries - who all shared their stories within the presentation format of Pecha Kucha.

The brief was simple: In a moment of high pressure decison making - what determines whether you will sink or swim? We’ve all been there. A time, a place, a project that could be the doing or undoing of us (or so it seems). A gig destined for the stars? Or the backwaters? What did success taste like? What did it mean to fail? What did you learn? What did you unlearn? Was it really the be-all or end-all?

"The 'sink or swim' subject makes me think back to when I quit my job as a creative director at JWT ad agency in the '70s because I wanted to be a painter," Done says. "It was a big decision. I had a mortgage and a young child and I gave up a steady income."