Current Exhibition

The Current Exhibition features the selection of works now on display at The Ken Done Gallery in Sydney.

Sydney new flag

Sydney new flag, 2018

Grey sea and showboat

Grey sea and showboat, 1998

Nude with cerulean flowers (reworked)

Nude with cerulean flowers (reworked), 2005 - 2012


Waiting, c. 1986

Coral head XI

Coral head XI, 2002

Blue Sydney 2

Blue Sydney 2, 1996

Big coloured squares 2

Big coloured squares 2, 2003

Stella's reef

Stella's reef, 2018

Marlon's reef

Marlon's reef, 2018

Three boats

Three boats, 1996

Garden flowers

Garden flowers, 1996

Eight boats

Eight boats, 1997

A working harbour

A working harbour, 1996

Ultramarine coral head

Ultramarine coral head, 2010/18

A surprisingly hot Saturday

A surprisingly hot Saturday, 2018

Judy in the garden II

Judy in the garden II, 2001

Blue Sydney

Blue Sydney, 2018


Backyard, 1999

Emerald deck chairs II

Emerald deck chairs II, 1999

Lilac and golden coral head

Lilac and golden coral head, 2014

Vintage reef

Vintage reef, 2016

Potted plant overlooking Chinamans

Potted plant overlooking Chinamans, 2012

Soft morning

Soft morning, December 2017

Blue Sydney II

Blue Sydney II, 2018

Chinamans 1.2.14

Chinamans 1.2.14, 2014

Two pot plants and agapanthus

Two pot plants and agapanthus, 2012

Striped Opera House

Striped Opera House, 2015

Bluebottle reef

Bluebottle reef, 2017

Storm clouds

Storm clouds, 2013

Cadmium orange coral head

Cadmium orange coral head, 2014