Current Exhibition

The Current Exhibition features the selection of works now on display at The Ken Done Gallery in Sydney.

Haiku suite VII Experimenting

Haiku suite VII Experimenting, 1996-2000

Haiku suite VI Breakfast morning glories

Haiku suite VI Breakfast morning glories, 1996-2000

A painting about being photographed

A painting about being photographed, 2000

January days at the beach

January days at the beach, 2004

Sydney Nolan

Sydney Nolan, 2013

Self portrait

Self portrait, 2016

Murphy's land

Murphy's land, 2017

Looking to the beach

Looking to the beach, 2005

Church and the journey

Church and the journey, 2010

Church and the yellow boat

Church and the yellow boat, 2010

Some nice stripes

Some nice stripes, 2008

Night dive I

Night dive I, 2012

Cobalt violet coral head

Cobalt violet coral head, 2014

First dive

First dive, 2011

Still life at the 11.00 o'clock table II

Still life at the 11.00 o'clock table II, 2011

Collection medium II

Collection medium II, 2012


Exam, 2017

First dive Tonga

First dive Tonga, 2011

Emerald sea

Emerald sea, 2017

Beach dreaming

Beach dreaming, 1990 - 2004

Yellow beach 2

Yellow beach 2, 2016

Yellow beach 1

Yellow beach 1, 2016

Christmas tree reef II

Christmas tree reef II, 2014


Collection, 2012

A Sunday in June

A Sunday in June, 2015

A woman walked through my still life

A woman walked through my still life, 2001