Current Exhibition

The Current Exhibition features the selection of works now on display at The Ken Done Gallery in Sydney.

Three boats

Three boats, 1996

Emerald reef

Emerald reef, 2018

Purple clam reef

Purple clam reef, 2018

Single sail

Single sail, 2013

Magenta afternoon

Magenta afternoon, 2017

Blue Opera House 07

Blue Opera House 07, 2018

From the water

From the water, 1992

Lilac and golden coral head

Lilac and golden coral head, 2014

Flowers on a black table

Flowers on a black table, 2018

Looking for cowries

Looking for cowries, 2018

Good Spot downstairs in the cabin 3

Good Spot downstairs in the cabin 3, 2000

Afternoon tea by the Arafura Sea

Afternoon tea by the Arafura Sea, 1987

Wet Monday

Wet Monday, 2017

Painting on a late Sunday afternoon

Painting on a late Sunday afternoon, 2008

Hibiscus and shell

Hibiscus and shell, 1994

Jacaranda hillside

Jacaranda hillside, 1998

Lunch Rangiroa

Lunch Rangiroa, 1981

Moses Reef, Toberua Fiji

Moses Reef, Toberua Fiji, 2018

On the verandah

On the verandah, 1985


Palms, 2017

TAEO No. 10 Rangiroa

TAEO No. 10 Rangiroa, 1981

Thinking about a painting at Store Beach

Thinking about a painting at Store Beach, 1984

Thinking about Greece

Thinking about Greece, 1991

Thinking about Toberua

Thinking about Toberua, 2002

Two Matisse vases

Two Matisse vases, 2009

Wet Sunday

Wet Sunday, 2017


Bure, 1991

Breakfast New Year's Eve

Breakfast New Year's Eve, 1996

Night swim

Night swim, 2018

Orange fish

Orange fish, 2018

Postcard from Sydney

Postcard from Sydney, 2018

Sydney September

Sydney September, 2018

Red fish

Red fish, 2018


Flag, 2013

Model in the backyard

Model in the backyard, 1999

Ultramarine coral head

Ultramarine coral head, 2010/18

Potted plant overlooking Chinamans

Potted plant overlooking Chinamans, 2012