Current Exhibition

The Current Exhibition features the selection of works now on display at The Ken Done Gallery in Sydney.

Still life with green cup

Still life with green cup, 2002

Almost autumn

Almost autumn, 2013

Pink magnolia garden

Pink magnolia garden, 2018

Magenta nude

Magenta nude, 2017


Beach, 2004

Garden by the beach 1, Nov 2

Garden by the beach 1, Nov 2, 2012

Marlon's reef

Marlon's reef, 2018

A surprisingly hot Saturday

A surprisingly hot Saturday, 2018

Coral Garden V

Coral Garden V, 1993 - 98

Blue swimmer

Blue swimmer, 2018

Red fish

Red fish, 2018

Postcard from Sydney

Postcard from Sydney, 2018

Harbour night

Harbour night, 2015

Opera House and red ferry

Opera House and red ferry, 2019

Opera House, lilac sea

Opera House, lilac sea, 2019

Opera House, emerald sea

Opera House, emerald sea, 2019

Opera House, green sky, green sea

Opera House, green sky, green sea, 2019

Kelly reef

Kelly reef, 2018

Parrots on the sea wall

Parrots on the sea wall, 2018

Pretty reef

Pretty reef, 2019


Dive, 2019

A day at the beach

A day at the beach, 1993

Hot day on the harbour

Hot day on the harbour, 2019

From the water

From the water, 1992

Single sail

Single sail, 2013


Flag, 2013

Potted plant overlooking Chinamans

Potted plant overlooking Chinamans, 2012