Current Exhibition

The Current Exhibition features the selection of works now on display at The Ken Done Gallery in Sydney.

This Spring we are exhibiting a wonderful new collection of works, focused on Ken's love of the water. There are some never-before-seen Sydney pieces on view, as well as some new reef works from below the waves and a pair of paintings that capture the joy of sailing on the harbour.

Early light I Chinamans

Early light I Chinamans, 2012

Beach painting I

Beach painting I, 2000

Opera House two red sails

Opera House two red sails, 2005

Squares and signs

Squares and signs, 1992

Jade coral head

Jade coral head, 2014

Postcard from Sydney, pink Opera House

Postcard from Sydney, pink Opera House, 2016

Big moon

Big moon, 2016

Saturday beach

Saturday beach, 2016

Beach and palms

Beach and palms, 2016

Opera House three striped sail boats

Opera House three striped sail boats, 2016

Zebra fish

Zebra fish, 2013

Beach dreaming

Beach dreaming, 1990 - 2004

November beach

November beach, 2016

School of Zebra fish

School of Zebra fish, 2013

November reef

November reef, 2016

Night dive I

Night dive I, 2016

Sunday morning 4

Sunday morning 4, 2016

Magpies at the Opera House

Magpies at the Opera House, 2008

New moon

New moon, 2016

Striped Opera, striped clouds

Striped Opera, striped clouds, 2016

Magenta studio

Magenta studio, 2012

Garden by the beach II Nov

Garden by the beach II Nov, 2012

Pink afternoon

Pink afternoon, 2014

Hot pink Opera House

Hot pink Opera House, 1996

Balmoral study

Balmoral study, 2015

Mauve sea and orange trees

Mauve sea and orange trees, 2010

Early light II Chinamans

Early light II Chinamans, 2012

Windsurfer and fisherman

Windsurfer and fisherman, 2008

Getting on for Christmas

Getting on for Christmas, 2005


Sunday, 1982